HBL (Home Builders Limited) was founded in 1996 by Eng. Aloysius Gonzag Lubowa.

Eng. Lubowa is a graduate of Makerere University Bsc. (Eng), Civil. He studied Civil/Structural Engineering (MEng), at the Stuttgart Technical University Germany,.

He is a fellow of the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers (FUIPE) and a registered Engineer, with the Uganda Engineers’ Registration Board (ERB-305). He has been involved in numerous projects both in Uganda and the Federal Republic of Germany.


HBL was established in a bid to sanitize the construction business which is, majorly, operated and viewed as a quick buck making venture, without much due regard to the final quality of the service delivered.

It was, initially, established to improve on the quality of deliverables in the construction of residential houses. But, upon accumulation of experience, it has spanned into general construction with special emphasis, but not limited to school and institutional buildings.

HBL operates to serve its clientele, with two major purposes;

  1. To ensure total value for money for our clients by delivering cost effective solutions to their desired “dreams” in our line of service.
  2. To save our clients from the bothers and hustles associated with the preparation and execution of building and civil engineering construction projects, hence our vision.


To ensure Genuine Engineering Practice.


To provide our clients with unique personalized Building and Civil Engineering construction Services all the time.


To add value to our clients’ thoughts in a bid to, optimally fit in the respective resource envelopes.


  • Building and Civil Engineering Works.
  • Technical Consultancy Services in the Engineering field.
  • Builders’ Concrete Products.


  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Trading License.
  • Uganda Revenue Authority VAT registration Certificate.



Member of the Uganda National Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (UNABCEC)